Caturra     -     Geisha     -     Villa Sarchi

We begin with high altitude soil, a wide variety of trees for shade, and a careful selection of quality seedlings.  We add lots of daily nurturing to the soil and each coffee plant by using the most environmentally friendly products and farming practices.  At harvest time, we pay above average wages to our pickers to hand pick only the perfectly ripe "bull's blood" red beans.  Every afternoon, we take our beans to be processed at Herbazu Mill, own by Don Antonio Barrantes, 2015 winner of the Cup of Excellence.  From seed to cup, we maintain a close eye on the chain of custody, so we can guarantee that our coffee was cared with love, Cafe con Amor.


  • Villa Sarchi
  • Caturra
  • Geisha


  • Elevation of 4300 - 4600 feet
  • Shade Grown
  • Rich volcanic soil
  • Average temperature of 76 degrees F
  • Annual rainfall 60 inches

Processing at Herbazu

  • Semi Washed
  • Honey