Our coffee journey started from the ground up, literally!  With a deep desire for a new challenge, a thirst for freedom and getting closer to nature, we set out to accomplish what many thought to be a crazy plan:  Coffee Farming in Costa Rica.

In 2013, we bought a small coffee farm in the Mountains of Naranjo, Café con Amor (Coffee with Love).   Soon after, we quit our careers, left our comfortable lifestyle, sold the house, the cars, (not the dog), and headed south to embark in our adventure. 

Not knowing squat about coffee, we recruited the guidance and expertise of a highly recommended Coffee Agronomist, Adrian, and retained the services of the farm’s supervisor, Chevo, who has over 40 years of hard-earned practical wisdom.  Our main goal from the start was to work as a team, produce the best coffee while nurturing the land, respecting the people and focusing on quality.

Fast-forward to today; plenty of joy, sweat and tears, hard work is paying off. Our specialty coffee is exported to Roasters who care about Direct Trade, and we also offer our coffee online for those who want a little taste from our farm to your cup.  


After experiencing first hand the hardships of coffee farming, and seeing the daily struggles of the farmers, we decided to help other local farmers achieve their own dreams.  Today, we work with five farmers who share the vision of producing top quality coffee and building long-term direct trade relationships.  Our initiative is called Farmers Project, and our goal is to help more farmers live a better life.  For more information visit: www.farmersproject-cr.com