Pride in Community


Specialty Coffee Association of America

The Coffee industry is an ever-changing movement.  Learning and staying up-to-date is extremely important to us.   As coffee producers, we do a lot of on the “ground”/local learning, but being participants of Direct Trade, obligates us to connect with the world and stay informed. 

The SCAA is a great gateway for us, it provides us with learning tools, news and wonderful events that are a constant sharing platform with the world of coffee.  We became members under the producers’ category in 2015, and we are thrilled to be part of such a dynamic organization.

International Women's Coffee Alliance

Social responsibility and empowering women are important topics in the coffee industry.  Soon after our arrival to Costa Rica, Marianella learned of the IWCA (International Women Coffee Alliance) Costa Rica chapter.  After just one meeting with this diverse group of women, Marianella decided to join their cause and volunteer.  Projects such as the launching of the Women Harvest coffee brand and the new certification: Women Care Certified, are some of the projects were Marianella has contributed her business background and bilingual skills.  Last year, she was elected to the Board of Directors and she is currently serving as the secretary for the Costa Rica chapter.  For more information on IWCA click here.