The Cojedores

The Pickers  Café con Amor team of pickers “Cojedores is a family who travels from Nicaragua to our farm each harvest to help us pick from late December to through February.  After coming to this farm for 8 years, they were surprised to learn about the change of ownership and to see the improved living conditions that waited for them.  We believe in teamwork, in paying attention to detail, in high expectations and fair compensation.  Our goal has been to re-train them to pick only the perfectly ripe beans, and to care for each plant and the land.  Everyday is an opportunity to communicate and help educate them from the importance of recycling to caring for our land.   Harvest at Café con Amor is about picking only the deep red beans, referred to as Sangre de Toro, which means Bulls Bloodcolor.   Patience and care must be a priority when picking, so we pay above going rates for our pickers to do an outstanding job. 

Each coffee plant is visited or picked 3 to 4 times during the harvest, which means timing plays a big part of the harvest strategy.  We provide housing and freedom to our pickers, by helping them get work in neighboring farms while we wait for the perfect ripening of our beans.  We are happy to see their smiling faces, as they go back to Nicaragua with their pockets full of their hard earned money and the hopes to return to our farm.