Adrian is our coffee engineer who guides and leads us with his expertise in coffee.  He is also an Auditor for Rainforest Alliance and travels throughout Latin America consulting for other coffee farmers.  He graduated from the University of Costa Rica in Agricultural Engineering with a specialty in Coffee.  His family has been in coffee for two generations, providing him with real practical experience since he was young.  Serving as an Auditor for Rainforest Alliance takes him to many coffee-producing countries in Latin America, where he learns from the best and shares his knowledge with experts on the field.  He serves in the Board of Directors of one of the largest Coffee Mills in Costa Rica, Café de Altura in San Ramon-West Valley region.  Last year, the President of Costa Rica, requested his service as the government key advisor for National Coffee affairs.  Adrian is a humble, soft-spoken, generous individual, who loves to share his time and knowledge with projects and people who have the farmers and the lands well being at the top of their priorities.