Our Story 

Great coffee, like that from Café’ Con Amor, comes from growers who value hard work, genuine relationships and a relentless commitment to quality.  Jon and Marianella Jost have always shared a passion for life, adventure, and hard work. Their journey to coffee growing in Costa Rica began 2 years ago and 3190 miles away.  Jon, a Nebraska native and Marianella, from Costa Rica, met while attending the University of Nebraska. After earning their degrees in Exercise Science and International Business, respectively, Jon followed a career in college athletics while Marianella began a corporate career.  As a native-born Husker, Jon realized his dream of working for UNL, starting his career there as Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach, a position he maintained for seven years.  After Nebraska, Jon’s coaching path included Head Strength Coach positions at three other Division 1 schools, and a final stop at legendary Florida State University, where he served as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for 13 years.  During this time Marianella enjoyed success in the corporate world of international business before transitioning to academia, where she spent 13 years as coordinator of several study abroad programs at FSU.

Life was good, but their adventurous spirit and deep desire for a new challenge drove them to dream big.  They began to seek a plan that would allow them the freedom to enjoy life in a different way.  After years of research, they left their successful careers and comfortable lifestyle and purchased a coffee farm in the mountains of Naranjo, Costa Rica.  Embracing the risks and challenges of what lay ahead, they set out to listen, labor and learn, in hopes of carving their own small niche in the wonderful world of coffee.  They found invaluable professional expertise in their coffee engineer, Adrian, and 40 yeas of hard-earned wisdom in their loyal farm worker, Chevo.  Together they work as a team pursuing the best coffee growing practices with the goal to produce the best coffee possible.

Cafe con Amor, Jonathan and Marianella’s farm comprises about 14 acres.  It is located at an altitude of 4500 above sea level, where the average temperature is 74 Degrees C.  The mountainous terrain and its volcanic soil are perfect for growing Caturra and Villa Sarchi varieties of specialty coffee.  The farm is located in the West Valley area, which is known for producing Costa Rica’s best coffee. 

Coffee has become a new passion for Jon and Marianella.  Their life has changed a lot, perhaps more than they imagined.  They miss their friends and family, and they greatly miss the United States of America.  Having Marianella’s family close has been a blessing and a great support.  However, “easy” is not what this pair looks for, and their hard work is reflected in many early successes.  In less than two years, they have established their farm, gained many loyal customers in the USA, started a successful partnership with a coffee importer in Kansas City and exported their first shipment of Specialty Coffee Micro lots.

Jonathan and Marianella’s goal is to exceed expectations - with integrity.  They believe life is about cultivating long-term relationships.  As they celebrate their 22nd  wedding anniversary, their enthusiasm for life and their pursuit of dreams is as strong as ever.  This coffee journey has opened doors to continuous learning in their new roles as small business owners, farmers, and leaders, as they embark on a project to help other farmers achieve success.


After getting involved in farming, Jon and Marianella were struck by how hard most farmers work, only to sell their coffee for prices that could not even sustain the most basic lifestyle.  To help change this, Jon and Marianella developed “Farmers Project”. Beginning with a small group of three other local farmers, they set out to leverage each other’s strengths, share experiences, learn about best farming practices and ultimately export their specialty coffee together.  Sharing their customers and opening the doors to the USA market to other farmers is not seen as competition for Jon and Marianella, but rather as leadership and teamwork.  Café con Amor and Farmers Project specialty coffees are exported directly to roasters who appreciate outstanding coffee, who believe in paying fair prices and who value a direct relationship with the producers.  The Jost’s journey has been enriching, challenging, and rewarding, much like the “seed to cup” journey of the wonderful coffee that we all enjoy in our morning cup.  With the first exciting chapters in the story of Café Con Amor already written, Jon and Marianella can’t wait to see what happens next.  What they know for sure is that every part of their journey includes great coffee.

You can email Jon and Marianella at cafeconamor.cr@gmail.com or follow their journey on instagram at cafeconamor.cr 

Our Mission

To cultivate exceptional relationships of integrity with a TEAM of people involved in the coffee seed to cup journey.  To exceed expectations and use sustainable farming practices to nurture the land and its abundance resources with which we have been blessed.

Work Time

We enjoy the outdoors, getting our hands dirty and being involved with each phase of the seed to cup journey.  With the help of our full-time team member Chevo, and our coffee engineer Adrian, we are personally involved with planting, soil analysis, water and shade management, soil nutrition, harvest, wet mill and dry mill process and export.  Personally working with each phase of the process insures our coffees chain of custody.  

Play Time

Life is about balance.  We like to work hard and also enjoy time with family, cheering the University of Nebraska and Florida State University and having fun in God's beautiful world.